What's so Hot about Hot Steel Design?

I'm sure you will have to be the judge of that. So here's a little background info about me and my work for your consideration.

Throughout my life, I have pursued diverse creative expressions including ceramics, dance, mixed media, sculpture, painting, graphic design and photography. Experimenting on the edge of the unknown in both concept and media, has always led me to inventive expressions of my inner passions. My inspiration derives from a reverence for nature and light, the spiritual dimension of life, the wonders of the human body and the way it moves, the plant kingdom with it's healing and restorative properties., as well as the mysteries of the sea and our amazing planet.

My education includes majoring in Pictorial Arts and Dance at UCLA and UC Berkeley; Expressive Arts at Sonoma State University; and Dance, Kinesiology and Biomechanics at San Diego State University. Studies in Photography and Graphic Design followed at Palomar College in San Diego.

My work has been shown in galleries and exhibitions on the west coast, and distributed worldwide, winning numerous awards and competitions throughout the nation.

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